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TJE serial escalator and passenger conveyor use the humane design ideas. It integrates aesthetics, safety and environmental protection into one. It provides vast customers with the dignified outline, the reliable quality, the outstanding performance.


  •  The truss adopts the robotic welding technology, which greatly enhance the manufacturing process. It has lean quality and it is strurdy and durable, beautiful and elegant.

  •  The integral aluminum frontier plate is tough and rugged, stylish and light weighted, and easy for maintenance.

  •  The diameter of the contact roller is ≥ ΙΈ 70. This can effectively reduce the roller pressure,and improve the step chain breaking force.

  •  Jinshow B-type escalator adopts the stylish and beautiful stainless handrail bracket suitable for large lifting height.

  •  Outside of skirting panel, there is a transparent friction-reducing coating, effectively reducingthe friction loss between the steps and skirting panel.

  •  The wedge has a spring structure and glass bracket. By tightening the spring, users can ensure that the wedge and glass is closely laminated, which is sturdy and steady and easy to be installed.