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Deflector Sheave


Product Specifications



A deflector sheave for an elevator system comprising: an outer sheave surface having a distance from a sheave axis that varies along a width of the traction sheave, the outer surface including: a first portion having a first coefficient of friction; and one or more second portions having a second coefficient of friction less than the first coefficient of friction, the first portion guiding an elevator belt toward a lateral center of the outer surface.


Sheave Diamater Rope Diameter (⌀D) Rope & Pitch Sheave Width (A) Shaft Diameter (⌀d) U-Bolt (M) L1, L2 Material
⌀400 ⌀10 4x⌀10x16 84 70 M16 Base on the project Cast Iron
5x⌀10x16 100 70 M16
6x⌀10x16 110 70 M16
⌀480 ⌀12 3x⌀12x19 85 60 M16
4x⌀12x19 95 60 M16
5x⌀12x19 115 60 M16
6x⌀12x19 130 60 M16
⌀640 ⌀16 6x⌀16x23 160 160 M16
7x⌀16x23 185 170 M16
8x⌀16x23 205 180 M16