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Travelling Cable TVVB




Product Specifications


Traveling cable (either flat type or circular-liked type) is a cable that is used for power transmission to the elevator car, and communication between the controller, and the elevator car. The cable is usually hangs from the elevator car. 


  Traveling Cable
TVVB 36x0.75 mm sq.
Traveling Cable
TVVB 24x0.75 mm sq.
Type Voltage Class TVVB(G) 300/500V TVVB 300/500V
Cores x Section 36x0.75 24x0.75
Type of Conductor 0.4 0.6
E1 2 1
E2 1.2 0.9
E3 1.4 1.5
Insulation @ 70°C ≥ 0.011 ≥ 0.011
Conductor @ 20°C ≤26.0 ≤26.0
Size 56.0x9.5 67.0x4.5