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Wire Rope



Product Specifications


Wire ropes make a robust and reliable solution for the lifting of elevators. The manner in which it is manufactured ensures that it is reliable and not dependent on one standalone wire or strand to hold the load that it is lifting. The strength and grade of the lifting medium that is used will depend on a number of different factors, particularly the load requirement and the car speed of the elevator.


This specific brand of Wire Rope is called Tokyo.

Rope Diameter (⌀) Models Construction Measured Breaking Force Length (m) Mass (kg)
⌀8 E0615-01 ~ E0615-03 EVR 8 x S(19) 29.4 kN 2000 m 1320 kg
⌀10 K0885-01 ~ K0885-04 EVR 8 x S(19) 53.8 kN 2000 m 2720 kg
⌀12 G0859-01, G0860-01,  G0861-01 EVR 8 x S(19) 76.6 kN 2000 m  2940 kg