Encoder 1024 SA60




Product Specifications



Encoder can tell the controller when the car has reached the correct floor, in the correct position. That is, encoder motion feedback to the elevator's controller ensures that elevator doors open level with the floor. Without encoders, you might find yourself climbing in or out of an elevator, rather than simply walking out onto a level floor.


Electrical Specification
Detection System


Output Wave Square Wave
Standard No. of Pulse 1024
Output Phase AB Phase
Electronics Push Pull
Power Supply DC 8~26V
Current  Consumption ≤ 60 mA
Output Capacity Sync. Current: 20 mA, Residual Voltage: 0.5V or less
Max. Response 50K Hz
Phase Different A, B Phase different 90° ± 45° (T/4±T/8)
Wave from Rise/Fall 2  μs or less
Polarity Against Reverse Protection
Mechnical Specification
Hollow Shaft Diameter 30 mm
Shaft Loading Axial: 1 KG, Radial: 2 KG
Starting Torque (at 25°C) ≤ 600 gf-cm
Max. Speed 2,500 rpm
Vibration 10 KG (10±1, 500 Hz)
Shock 20g per 11ms
Cable ⌀5.4, 100cm long
Weight  ≤ 1200g
Environment Specfication
Operating Tempt. -10°C ~ 60°C, RH 35% ~ 90% (No Condensation)
Storage Tempt. -20°C ~ 80°C
Protection IP50: Dust Proof